McDonnell Douglas MD-11


McDonnell Douglas tried to stay in the airliner market by improving their DC-10. The MD-11 has a stretched fuselage, additional winglets and a smaller horizontal stabilizer. Less successful than its predecessor the MD-11 reached a production total of only 200.

Not only because of its size this plane is easy to fly. Being originally a three-engine aircraft the modelplane can easily be powered by a single turbine in the vertical stabilizer.




Powerplant:   Glow:              3 x 15 cc  (.90  engines

                          Turbine:         1 x 140 N  (32 lbs.)  thrust

                                                    2 x 70 N  (16 lbs.)  thrust

                                                    3 x 47 N  (10.5 lbs.)  thrust

                          Ducted Fan:  diameter up to  135 mm  (5.3’’)




Specifications:                                                                                                                                            Fiberglass parts : Norbert Rauch


                  Span                Length               Wing Area                  Weight                                                          Foam cores:            ---


  MD-11         3.23 m  (127’’)     3.82 m  (150’’)     142.3 dm²  (2206     21 kg  (46 lbs.)                                                          Retracts:            ---


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