Tupolev 154


With more than 900 planes built the TU-154 is widely used by airlines mainly in Eastern Europe. There is still a large number in service today.

This plane is looking elegant on ground as in flight. As a three-engine aircraft it can easily be powered by a single turbine in the tail. The main landing gears retract backward into fibreglass fairings. An all-moving tailplane is used.




Powerplant:       Glow:                 two  10 – 12 cm³  (.60 - .72 cu.in.)  engines

                              Turbine:            once  80 N (18 lbs.)  thrust

                                                           twice  40 N (9 lbs.)  thrust

                                                           three times  27 N (6 lbs.)  thrust

                               Ducted Fan:    diameter up to  90 mm (3.5’’)



Specifications:                                                                                                                                            Fiberglass parts : Norbert Rauch


                              Span                 Length                  Wing Area                     Weight                             Foam cores : Manfred Köster


     TU-154        2.35 m (92.5’’)       2.99 m (118’’)        78.7 dm² (1219 sq.in.)           12 kg (27 lbs.)                                              Retracts: Hawe Modellbau


                                                                                                                                                                      Basic Instructions:   

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   (Norbert Rauch)






   (Manfred Köster)




   (Denis Bogautov)



    (Bülent Deveci)