Boeing 720B


Boeing developed the 720 and 720B as a smaller, lighter and faster derivate of the 707. In the 1960s a total of 154 of this medium-range aircraft was built.

Despite its four engines the 720B is not a very big model. So the flight characteristics are not quite the same as the larger and more stable flying 707. As the real aircraft the model is somewhat overpowered.




Powerplant:     Glow:              four  6.5 cc  (.40  engines

                            Turbine:         twice  45 N  (10 lbs.)  thrust

                                                     four times  23 N  (5 lbs.)  thrust

                            Ducted Fan:  diameter up to  70 mm  (2.8’’)




Specifications:                                                                                                                                                 Fiberglass parts : Norbert Rauch


                      Span              Length                Wing Area                  Weight                                               Foam cores:                               ---


B720B     2.49 m  (98’’)     2.59 m  (102’’)     91.5 dm²  (1418     10.5 kg  (23 lbs.)                                         Retracts:                      Hawe Modellbau


                                                                                                                                                                           Basic Instructions:    

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  (Norbert Rauch)