Boeing 707


For many airlines the 707 was the first jet airliner in service replacing older propliners. A total of 878 commercial 707s have been built but there was also a large number of aircraft produced for military use. Originally equipped with JT3B-engines some military variants have been re-engined with the more advanced CFM56.

For the modelplane fiberglass nacelles are available either for the JT3B or the wider CFM56 engine. The 707 has a large wing area giving the model a low wing loading. The outboard engines are far away from the fuselage so the pilot needs a lot of experience in case of engine failure.




Powerplant:    Glow:                four  6.5 cc  (.40  engines

                           Turbine:           twice  45 N  (10 lbs.)  thrust

                                                      four times  23 N  (5 lbs.)  thrust

                            Ducted Fan:  diameter up to  70 mm  (2.8’’)

                                                     diameter up to  105 mm  (4.1’’)   (some military variants only)





                                                                                                                                                                         Fiberglass parts:               Norbert Rauch


                                  Span               Length                Wing Area                   Weight

                                                                                                                                                                         Foam cores:                      Manfred Köster

                                                                                                                                                                         (B707-320B only)

B707-120B        2.49 m  (98’’)       2.75 m  (108’’)     91.5 dm˛  (1418       11  kg  (24 lbs.)

B707-138B        2.49 m  (98’’)       2.56 m  (101’’)     91.5 dm˛  (1418     10.5 kg  (23 lbs.)                       Retracts:                           Hawe Modellbau

B707-320B        2.78 m  (109’’)     2.91 m  (115’’)    110.7 dm˛  (1716     12.5 kg  (28 lbs.)

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  (Norbert Rauch)



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  (Dieter Döring)



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