Airbus A320


With a total of more than 10.000 planes delivered up to now and a rising number of orders the A320 family is the most successful program of Airbus. The best selling member of this family is the A320 itself with the A321 being second.

The original aircraft is available with different engine types, for the model plane the nacelle of the IAE V2500 engine has been chosen. This good flying plane can also be powered by EDFs. A gyro should be used on rudder to improve flight characteristics in case of engine failure.




Powerplant:     Glow:              two  6.5  to  8.5 cc  (.40  to .53  engines

                            Turbine:         twice  25 N  (5.5  lbs.)  thrust

                            Ducted Fan:  diameter up to  90 mm  (3.5’’)





                                                                                                                                                                                Fiberglass part : Norbert Rauch          

                          Span               Length             Wing Area                 Weight

A318              2.13 m  (84’’)      1.96 m  (77’’)        47.8 dm²   (741       7 kg  (15 lbs.)                                                    Foam cores : Stefan Hinze

A319          2.13 m  (84’’)      2.11 m  (83’’)      47.8 dm²  (741     7.5 kg  (16 lbs.)

A320          2.13 m  (84’’)      2.35 m  (93’’)      47.8 dm²  (741       8  kg  (18 lbs.)                                                               Retracts: Hawe-Modellbau

A321          2.13 m  (84’’)      2.78 m  (109’’)    47.8 dm²  (741     8.5 kg  (19 lbs.)

                                                                                                                                                                       Basic Instructions:   

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