Airbus A310


Airbus is no longer offering its smallest widebody jet. As a derivate of the A300 the fuselage has been shortened and a completely new wing was developed showing high aspect ratio. A total of 255 A310s has been built and a large number of them has been converted to freighters.

Wing chord is small and so is the wing area. For the modelplane the resulting wing loading is slightly higher compared to the A300 despite its fuselage being much shorter.




Powerplant:    Glow:               2  x  12  to  15 cc  (.75  to .90  engines

                           Turbine:          2  x  50 N  (11 lbs.)  thrust

                            Ducted Fan:  diameter up to 135 mm  (5.3’’) 




Specifications:                                                                                                                                                  Fiberglass parts : Norbert Rauch


                                        Span              Length               Wing Area              Weight                                             Foam cores:                              ---


  A310             2.74 m  (108’’)    2.92 m  (115’’)    85.5 dm²  (1325   14 kg  (31 lbs.)                                        Retracts:                    Hawe-Modellbau


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