Airbus A300


Being the first plane of Airbus in 1974 a total of 567 A300s has been produced. Nowadays many planes are being converted from passenger to freighter configuration.

The modelplane has good flight characteristics. The older variants A300B2 and A300B4  -  usually called A300B  -  are conventionally controlled by inboard and outboard ailerons but the more advanced A300-600 is lacking the outboard ailerons using the wing spoilers instead.




Powerplant:    Glow:              two  15 cc  (.90  engines

                           Turbine:         twice  55 N  (12 lbs.)  thrust

                           Ducted Fan:  diameter up to  135 mm  (5.3’’)




Specifications:                                                                                                                                            Fiberglass parts :       Norbert Rauch


                   Span               Length                Wing Area                Weight                                     Foam cores:                                   ---


  A300B         2.80 m  (110’’)    3.35 m  (132’’)    101.6 dm˛  (1575    15 kg  (33 lbs.)                                Retracts:                            Hawe-Modellbau

A300-600      2.80 m  (110’’)    3.38 m  (133’’)    101.6 dm˛  (1575    15 kg  (33 lbs.)

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   (Norbert Rauch)



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